Monday, February 27, 2006

L:FE update

Didn't have time for a shower this morning, so feeling all claggy. Got pestered by a credit reference person who said they couldn't establish my existence, anywhere, ever. (We've got a new flat still in Ealing, slightly near the broadway, a stepped white building like a ship's bridge.) I'm having to dig through all my old papers to try and establish it. Apparently, the credit-checking agency can't find any of my addresses (including the one I'm living in at the moment), so I'm going to fail my credit check unless I send them all my money, dress up like a drag queen and run around the streets of London whooping like a dog. I'm getting massively offended at the amount of my time they're wasting. I'm not going to move into anywhere that does credit checks again, though I get a feeling that everywhere will do them soon enough.

Had a good weekend though, wandering over to Tombadillo's to play Guitar Hero (which rawks!), sleeping saturday away and then spending sunday seeing my old PPE group from Magdalen, playing suqash and doing freelance. Must ring my family (unless they're reading in which case 'hello mum!')

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