Friday, February 03, 2006

catapult magazine

catapult magazine: "Top Ten re: angels/transformers
by Henry Kammer

We know about angels. Those of us who know about Transformers, let us acknowledge one another.

Parallels exist between the imagined and semi-imagined worlds of Transformers and Angels. First, both parties have labeled hierarchies: choirs for angels, vocations for Transformers. Second, both wage war for the sake of humankind. Characters of varying power, claiming the ranks of either the good or evil, fight heartily, though evil’s defeat is imminent. Ultimately, truth is revealed, good triumphs and there’s enough jarring imagery to have any first-grader nightmaring about rapture trumps and planet-eating robots.

All my information is from Wikipedia, thus bolstering my credibility."

Misses the obvious Metatron = Megatron, otherwise excellent.

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