Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fantasy Basketball Advice - Fantasy Basketball Cafe 2005

Fantasy Basketball Advice - Fantasy Basketball Cafe 2005: "There are two ways to define the phrase “Drafting with your eyes closed”. Number 1: Flushed with confidence, you breeze through every round, knowing that whoever you pick will turn out just magical, like a new-millennium, high-definition version of the original Dream Team, but with sexier shorts. And number 2: Slightly out of sorts following a party the night before that lasted until 5 am, you fall asleep at your laptop and miss the first three rounds of the most important draft of your career."

Aw... I really should have woken him up, but he looked so peaceful. And he wasn't talking about fecking VU for five minutes, so it was a nice break... :) (Sorry, Rob!)

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Rob Donald said...

As soon as we get some 360 stuff you'll be sorry you made that comment...