Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blowing Dust?

Local London Forecast - Blowing Dust.

Blowing Dust? What the hell does that mean? Shouldn't it say Cloudy or Overcast? Anthropomorphised particulates sounds creepily post-apocalyptic; I wonder if I'm going to get warnings about;

'Decreasing fallout levels; cephalomutant activity is likely to increase in your area. Do *not* open your bunker door, not even if they make noises like your long-dead puppy. Check your seals."

AGH! That's just reminded me I've not fed my Nintendogs for a week! (Hoperfully, they'll have run away by now so I can stop worrying.)


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Blowing dust sounds terribly perturbing. I think I might go home and hide tonight....

Iain said...

Hey, it could be worse. It could be blowing chunks.

Grill said...

Iain - Boom-boom.

Hello lass, nice name and nicer blog! Hiding's always the best option when we don't understand things, I agree.