Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Which of the following do you feel generally POSITIVE or OPTIMISTIC about at the moment? (Please tick all that apply)

Your health
- No exercise, fatty food and an environs polluted with fumes and long-term untested electromagnetic emissions of all sorts, spent in an entirely sedentary manner. Doomed.

Your relationships with family
- tick, though was speaking to my stepmum this morning and sounds like her and my dad may be splitting up (why they ever got together, I don't know. Completely incompatible, both mild sociopaths. Hmm. Maybe that's why.)

Your relationships with friends
- tick; everyone in London, Bath and elsewhere is lovely, even if they don't contact me enough.

Your love life - let's not go there, forumites might be reading...

Your work or work prospects (if you work or are looking for work) - tick; though the magazine isn't what I would like it to be yet, I don't feel my own contribution's been terrible.

Your financial situation - tick strangely not bad, until the crash comes and people stop caring about games/magazines/ the service sector, my three potential sources of revenue.

The way things are going in your neighbourhood - tick; hah, the roads are a mess, the people are scary, there's more poundsavers than pounds. London's great!

The way things are going in this country - England's not going downhill, it's just never been uphill. Hideous idiots proliferate at every level of society, creating stupid rules and maintaining aoutrageously bigotted laws. But at least we're not the US, eh?

The way things are going in the world - can anyone be optimistic when half the world is starving, and the other half is on the brink of collapse due to overreliance on a single resource? Jeez. I'd better start hordeing beans.

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Chiarina said...

What do you mean people don't contact you enough? Do you contact *them* enough?