Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Policeman's Blog: "Over the Festive period, you may run out of DVDs to watch, the kids may break all their toys and you may get so bored you might decide to ring the police. If you live in the Newtown area, Mrs. C has asked me to tell you NOT to ring the police at the following times:
Christmas Eve 2100hrs to 0000 hrs
Christmas Day 2100hrs to 0000 hrs
27th December 0000hrs to 0300 hrs

Your cooperation in this matter will help ensure that I get home at a sensible time throughout the Christmas period.
Naturally this applies to minor matters, for more serious matters I would ask you all NOT to murder each other or get involved in fatal road accidents until AT LEAST 3rd January 2005.

Thankyou and Merry Christmas
PC Dave Copperfield"

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