Monday, February 23, 2004

More colour from our over-educated chum, Toller

liked the robot satire, just a little less heavy and they'd get away with it
like this
I heard that months before the Blair Witch Project the producers planted
some stories in lots of local american papers with essentially the same
storyline. Like the stealth advert for "Lucky Strike" which was actually
selling a bmw or summit. Also, the washing powder "radion" (bright orange
box) was originally developed by, i think, persil to repel people and
so boost the logical opposite, which they thought persil was, only
people were too dumb and bought it anyway.
I'm having big girl trouble at the moment with an ex. You know since i reject
theism for being illogical and inconsistent, for me to be consistent I would
also need to reject any emotional behaviour on my part. Fuck, that would
mean beer too. Right I'm going to church. Problem solved. I think I may have
ranted at you about this before.
P.S. did i ever tell you my theory that the smurfs are an ironic attack
on the kkk - white hats, leader wears red, attack evil voodoo guy wearing
black, gang-bang girls...also the blue skin and the high voices...?

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