Wednesday, February 25, 2004

frank sidebottom

If no-one else remembers this complete and utter mook, you reiterate my theory (purloined by that Rousseau feller) that ignorance is bliss. Frank was a fan of a band called the Freshies, though he achieved much more fame than they ever did, due to his enomrous paper maché head, puppet sidekick 'little Frank', and selection of godawful songs, mainly about his hometown Timperley (which I've been listening to recently - god, he's got less talent than a robbed Persian.) I only remember him because he used to appear in the pages of a comic called Oink I read as a kid (which strangely Lard of Mark and Lard fame used to write for.) Take this page as a warning; avoid this man, and if you meet Chris Sievey, run a mile, run back, hit his paper maché head and repeat...

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