Friday, January 08, 2010

A Moving Experience

So, I've been blogging on here for nearly eight years now, from September 2002 to the present day and, it's been fun. However, we've probably all noticed that it's not been happening on here, probably a hangover from those dark days at OXM where I almost got fired for shooting my mouth off about the otherwise-lovely Steve Brown's inability to manage me.

In attempt to revitalise my flagging enthusiasm, I'm going to be bidding adieu to this place and moving over to my own website, Funambulism. At the moment, it's just a Wordpress blog and a few associated elements but I've got a few plans as to what else to do on there. Hopefully, friendly readers, you'll come and join me over there?

(I am, however, going to see if I can keep auto-updating this blog to reflect what's happening over there - but it would be nice of you to move).


Will said...

Ah, I remember that. Good old Future.

Chiarina said...

Need any help shifting boxes?
I have a friend who can lend us a van...