Thursday, August 20, 2009

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

So the tenth dimension is all the possible timelines from all the possible starting conditions of the universe treated as a point? My. Brain. Hurts.


Lemmy said...

Interesting. :) You should read Flatland ( if this kinda thing interests you.

That all said, the assumption that time is the fourth dimension always irks me a little.

I mean in the example, a flatlander can feel the passage of time, right? So surely, unaware of the third dimension, the flatlander would assume that time is the third dimension, right?... and he'd be a big spazzy flatlander fool to think that.

Grill said...

I love that book - though the gutenberg version doesn't always have the illustrations that make it so wonderful.

Time is so the first dimension. :P And it runs both ways - after all antimatter travels backwards in time from the moment of its annihilation with matter. I think.

And isn't a hierarchy / ordering of dimensions a very odd human idea?

Lemmy said...

"And isn't a hierarchy / ordering of dimensions a very odd human idea?"

Trees and hierarchies do exist in nature though, we're just the only ones we know of with the think-bags to make a point of it. :D

I personally think that time is a completely separate thing to dimensions, and while it technically can be referred to as a dimension it's something that cannot sit nicely alongside spacial dimensions no matter what number you stick after it. :)

Ghostcharmer said...

ow, ow, wait.... nope, ow. i think i comprehend it. though i probably don't, i only think i do... ow.