Friday, April 03, 2009

Oregon Trail iPhone Map

I couldn't find a map online for Gameloft's excellent iPhone conversion of the 1982 game The Oregon Trail. You control a team of pioneers attempting to make the 5-6 month slog across the West to Oregon, battling bears, flooded rivers, broken waggons and , and meeting great names from the opening up of the west. Here's an in-game map I've stitched together myself; click on it for the original size.


Michelle said...

Searching for a labeled map of the iPhone Oregon Trail game, I found this great pic. I didn't find any labeled maps out there, so I decided to label this one and it can be found at

Sorry to put this as a comment, I didn't know where else to post this.

Michelle said...

Sorry, I didn't put in the actual link. Here's a link to the iPhone Oregon Trail labeled map. I think I did that correctly this time.

Grill said...

Would you mind copying that comment over to - I migrated the blog there earlier in the year.