Monday, September 01, 2008

One of the reasons I love my job


We are pleased to submit the following quotation:

1 x Stork @ £550 per day

Mileage is charged at the rate of 80p per mile

We have public liability for £2,000,000.

Yes. I love my job. Apparently the stork is quite placid, though it won't carry things.


Iain said...

Why would you need to hire a stork? The mind boggles.

Though I feel somewhat put out that the daily charge-out rate for a stork is higher than it is for me when I'm in a consulting role...

Grill said...

It's the mileage that's impressive - is that as the stork flies do you think?

Anyway, the costs are justified. Can you push your razor-sharp lips all the way through a fish / recalitrant journalist? I don't think so...