Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pulpit Rock.


The next place I want to go walking. Hmm. 600m up, a random lump of stone 25m by 25m, floats above a Norwegian Fjord. Looks nice, nu?

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Iain said...

Norway is awesome. Make sure you hire a car, though - otherwise you're going to pay an absolute fortune in public transport costs. And I thought the trains and buses here were expensive... Don't get me started about the price of the beer, either. Being an alcoholic in Scandinavia requires either real dedication or deep pockets. Or both.

The food, however, is amazing. While you're there, make sure you try the reindeer. It's delicious. And mustard sild... I don't even like fish that much, but I can just eat that stuff straight out of the jar.