Thursday, August 04, 2005

BBC NEWS | UK | 'Different shades' of Judaism:

"What I'm most proud of is that I've managed to combine being a rabbi with being a father. I've seen all my three sons survive being a rabbi's son."

Weird, I think this is my old school friend (I think friend; he was a very lonely guy) Yossi's dad.


Chiarina said...

No way! Have you heard from Yossi at all? Mr Whittaker liked him. I would have found it easier to talk to him if the air of 'I don't care what you think and I'm going to act as eccentrically as I care to' that he wore as a protective mantle (a good strategy when used parsimoniously) didn't make him so hard to get to, ie damn hard to communicate with. I still have a CD he lent me. I think he hasn't forgotten either. But I don't know how to get to it back to him!

Grill said...

Well, it looks like you could send it to this reform synagogue.

cos that's where Yossi's dad is. He was very difficult to get to and I'm not sure the journey was worth it.

I've not heard from him in *ages*. But then, I've not spoken to anyone from school apart from you, Chris and occaisionally Pez in a lonnnng time.