Wednesday, July 13, 2005

God. I need to play Ultima 7. My brain's gradually frying in my cranium in the oppressive heat of this office, and a bit of sweet Iolo loving is necessary. Perhaps I'm pregnant, hence the craving. I know it's years old, I know it was a bit derivative; but for me it, and its semi-sequel Serpent Isle, are the two best realised most gloriously built RPGs of all time.

Goddamn it! It's SO HOT. That said, the team I'm working with are great and feeling really motivated to get work done. It doesn't feel like a chore any more. I don't get told off for playing games in the office, I don't have to play an interminable MMO. Perhaps it's just the feeling of no pressure while we work on the first issue, but I'm keen, psyched and raving to make this a success. It's curious as hell... when will the cynicism kick back in?

Gotterdammerung! Moreover, there seems a lot to do outside of work. There's more of London to explore than any game, and it's all chock-full of colour and vibrancy, and surprisingly easy to get around. Friends around, stuff to do (more than I can possibly do), films to see... it's just plain nice. My whole life dynamic has changed and at the moment it feels much for the better.

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Aaron said...

Judging by the amount of blog updates, I don't doubt it.