Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New Scientist Breaking News - Robotic camel riders are ready to race: "Camel racing is to be transformed as a spectator sport in the United Arab Emirates with robot riders taking the place of child jockeys."

Illustrations previously released show a system capable of leaning from side to side and pulling on the reins. Another sketch reveals a small system for remotely controlling the jockeys. An unnamed Swiss company was reportedly paid $1.3m to develop the robotic jockeys, which will be sold for around $5500 each.

"The logical extension is to develop an autonomous jockey," Iagnemma says. "And then, I guess, a robot camel."


Pentadact said...

I have a new desktop background!

I only wish I could read more than a few sentences of the article without my eyes straying to the picture and causing convulsions.

Pentadact said...

Also, that's the best use of the word 'logical' I've ever heard.