Wednesday, March 30, 2005

MJ Hibbett Song Blog:

"The Girl Who...
One last look
Before she surrenders her swipe-card
She's gone for good
To somewhere where flexi-time's almost unheard of
She got ten pounds worth of vouchers
To be redeemed in Boots

She wanted more than that

Something to shout about
To care about
To prove that she's part of the planet
To put away
So on Judgement Day
She can say 'This is what I did with my life'"

Thank you Dov! The most uplifting song since I got bored of Belle & Sebastian - The Girl Who... by MJ Hibbert. Only available online!

I've tried to ignore this whole song-blogging thing, but it seems to have taken off anyway, disproving my incipient solipsism, curses!

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