Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wired News: Altered HIV Attacks Mice Tumors

Woah, Paul Taylor (Toller to the boys and girls) just sent me the actual paper for this; I'll have a read of it tomorrow, but it appears two wrongs do make a right. I'm so glad, it vindicates my entire style of living.

BTW, I've got Mark down tomorrow, which should be fun. He's down in Bath for an interview for a job he doesn't really want, which is always the way to get offered it (see Murphy's Law here). Here's hoping he gives up after the first day so we can get hammered and talk filth. (Ah, the basic conundrum of the male British psyche, that it demands conversation as a cessation of thought, a mere putting off of the morbid day which, if we allowed ourselves the luxury of a moment's thought, we'd realise merely hastens that day by occupying those precious brain cycle. Tut.)

Oh, yes, drunk BTW.

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