Monday, March 08, 2004

Apologies for the overlong hiatus in writing anything of import, and posting dirty links most days, but boys and girls, I need your help. I'm in hell. I've been offered a job in far Dubai, which pays better, has a better status, and would forward my career. It also fits my beliefs as man as a progressive being, and sits nicely with the crap I've been spouting for months about bath being a hellhole fit for retirees and childer only.

What I'm looking for are genuine reasons to go or not. I can't decide, and I'm meant to be deciding and ringing them today. Encephalous Jon Hicks gave me a phrase, which I don't quite get but which seems to fit; cognitive dissonance. Something about painting yourself into a mental corner, which is what Bath feels like - the fear of giving up a safe job here, that I've really got a handle on, in favour of one in a far-off place with people I don't know, that I could be abominable at. Frankly terrifying, when it should be exciting! Goddamn, it's even making me use exclamation marks. Excessive!

Let me sum up my current situation; I'm in a nice working group, finally, after 12\months of hell, with a happy group of people (and the neurotic Gila Munja that is Alec ;) ), who feel like we've got a good chance of doing a good mag. I respect Adam, my hairless hero of an editor, which makes a nice change. I'm even happy amidst the squalor of the flat I share with Kieron 'Youth Decay' Gillen. It may sound like I live in a freak show that's not going anywhere, but they're all loving, enthusiastic people, and it's hard to leave, so suggestions, please?

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