Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Finally. Taken much effort, but managed to shift the Gillen from my computer. Boy blew up his own, and 'spects to use mine 24/7? Boy gotta earn some respect. Specially since boy in question had already decimated the machine, tearing off the power buttons, so we had to jump start it, and taken off the side 'for ventilation'. Nuts. Only ventilation he needs is another asshole t' let him breathe when he talks. Or something.

Anyhoo, no news here .Well, there's plenty but not that I'm going to divulge with the likes of you, faceless voyeurs all of you. If there are any of you. I hear that there's soemthing daft like more bloggers than blog readers. (Kieron's theory was that this has to be wrong cos bloggers read their own blogs, not like professional statisticians would adjust for something like that.) Well, I woulda kept a diary anyhoo, so pouring my words into the unjudgemental void ain't such a difference, just saves me buying pencil and paper. Which is good for the environment, right? Cos paper and pencil's are wood, graphite, and machining processes, all detractors from the beauty of nature, by chainsaw and paint.

But then again, how much power is this thing using - frickin non-fissile fossile fuels pouring away, and no going back on them. Not that it's going to stop me - this thing's on all day, and I work for a bleeding computer magazine, in an office that uses more power and paper than an origami factory; so if I'm going to start setting up my own paper walls, getting neurotic (that is, finding a conscience, or seeing it as my benefit to do seem to find one), wood-pulp and fossil fuels probably ain't the best place to start. Maybe I'll start with letting those who are less fortunate have what they need/want. Starting with letting Kieron back on this machine, infernal though it is.

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