Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Blog, blog, blog.

It is an odd position to be finding yourself in, when your back's no longer to the wall, and yet the day job is still meant to be in a state of panic. That said I'm utterly exhausted now, and yet its bonfire night. I should be wandering around in undknown muddy darkness with people I don't know watching bits of cordite produce light in the sky above. It's the bonfires that get me - fuck the twinkly fairy lights they chuck up - I want to be in wellies, knee deep in a field, eating some diseased bowel product of a long-dead animal (sausages) watching a fire the size of a house, and probably containing enough wildlife to maintain a petting zoo, incinerate the faces of the prats who press too close.

That's the meaning of bonfire night to me - warm, broad, fiery alienation.

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